Ghetto Romance 2 (CD)


Jul 15, 2017

After the extremely popular and joint best-seller of the year ‘Ghetto Romance’, DJ Zedi presents the quick-fire sequel ‘Ghetto Romance II’.

Features another selection of ‘splinter-in-the-mind’ remixes.

A purpose-built collection of tracks to leave you questioning what love really is about…


01. She’s On [Bole Mera Kangna]

02. Curtain Calls [Nazrein Karam]

03. Mausam Remix [Part II]

04. Lil’ Freak [Chal Chal]
[Mittal vs. Mittal]

05. Behene De Remix

06. Haan Tu Hain Remix

07. Do It Big [Chhaliya]

08. Behene De Remix [Part II]

09. Curtain Calls [Nazrein Karam] [Extended Mix]



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