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Oct 7, 2023

Pre-order – This item will be released on October 7, 2023.

The latest Bengali Remix album by DJ Zedi – Bass Maar Beta Beng, the name says it all. Can it get anymore Bangladeshi than that? A Sylheti title but aimed for all corners of the country.

Some of these tracks were ready for release many years ago, 2006-2010 to be exact. However, ICE ICE BENGI and GELO BONDHU AR AILONA REMIX, easily the tracks of the album, are presented with only one thing in mind… BASS MAAR BETA BENG.

This album is the start of a brand new selection of Bengali remix artistry by DJ Zedi, something he started back in 2002 and should’ve continued beyond Krishno Revolutions in 2006, but didn’t due to the decline of CD’s and the decision to relocate his studio and concentrate on other areas of the industry.

However, the ”project” was never over… DJ Zedi was and is the future of Bengali music.

Bass Maar Beta Beng is presented in all popular formats, choose to buy on CD, USB and now also available, SD card. Smash it at home on your Hi-Fi, on your TV, on your PS5, on your phone, in your car and/or anywhere else you can ever imagine.

What are you waiting for? Add to cart, checkout khoriya, Bass Maar Beta Beng!

SD card

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01. Ice Ice Bengi

02. Gelo Bondhu Ar Ailona Remix

03. Rahit Nishithe Remix

04. Ek Deshe Ek Meh Chilo Remix

05. Kalar Bashi Remix

06. Chokeri Joler Lekha Remix

07. Pran Bondhu Remix

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