DJ Zedi is a U.K. born Hip-Hop, Trap and EDM Producer, as well as a Bollywood Remix DJ from London. The name Zedi (Z.I.) was born from the initials of his real name.

In the time it has taken, he has remixed over 530 songs spanning over an impressive 64 underground remix albums, a number simply IMPOSSIBLE to be replicated by any other in his generation, or even in generations to come. DJ Zedi has stamped his authority on the remix scene, and continues his stranglehold on it even today.

In February 2013, DJ Zedi remixed “Hum Jee Lenge” from the Bollywood movie “Murder 3″. This remix was the FIRST underground unofficial remix to be appreciated by the official singer and composers themselves. The singer Mustafa Zahid showed exactly what he thought about it on his twitter, which was nothing short of compliment and praise.

This is where it ends… for the time being 🙂